Hydro Flask

A couple days ago I made a trip to my local Whole Foods to do some window shopping. While there I came across the stainless steel insulated 40 oz Hydro Flask. Being draw to the bright colors I conducted a quick Google search to find out more. The website promises to keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and keep liquids hot for up to 6 hours which can really help me during my long days at the office or on the beach. 

So far,  Hydro Flask has performed pretty well, my water stays cold and allows me to measure my water intake. The product offers a sweat free powder to aid with keeping you moving and not having to wipe up any mess. The 40 oz wide mouth Hydro Flask is a bit heavy and if you are out for a long walk can become a bit much.  On one hand you want a ton of water handy, yet you want it in a smaller package. I may have gone to big with my purchase, Hydro Flask does have smaller containers as well. 

If you are down for donating, the company donated 5% of the purchase price to one of the charities they partner with. The only problem I see would be going online to register your purchase so they can turn around and make a donation.  Sounds like a few too many steps. 

Regardless… I love it


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