Living in Orlando

I’ve lived in Orlando nineteen months so far, some days better then others, but I now love this place. It hit me as I sat on the patio of my favorite happy hour spot it was in that very moment that I realized how much I’ve fallen for this place. In such a short time … More Living in Orlando

What is Success

We all think about it, we all try to determine what being successful is, but are you defining what success really means to you and your life? Like most people, I was brought up to believe that a thriving career, a healthy income, good health, and tons of material possessions equated to success. Well, what … More What is Success

I’m Moving Again

This morning, Mr. Big asked me to move over to Doha. Of course I accepted, but now what? Soon he will be working out the details of a new role and figuring out who will provide my work permit, etc., the Company or us. Immediately after the news I was turning cart wheels in my … More I’m Moving Again

Visiting the UAE

Dubai!! Let that settle in for a second. I recently traveled to Dubai for about a week. The UAE is roughly 45 minutes flight from Doha and using FlyDubai made the round trip tickets unbelievably cheap. I was super excited to finally make it to Dubai. I’ve heard so much about how extravagant, larger than … More Visiting the UAE