Lady Liberty and Rooftop Cocktails

“I want to make a toast to good friends, the journey and love”

Picture this, Jersey in the background, a rooftop bar, and a wonderful sunny afternoon in Manhattan. Now this is what I call paradise. August brings us 8 months into the year and more than anything I begin to wonder whether I’ve completed “my list” for the year. You know, the one you create at the beginning of each year as a guide to follow. Ha! I didn’t create one. This year, I could not force myself to write a list of goals and I do not regret it. Honestly speaking, my old list are filled with “my wants” and I would prefer them before moving into a new set of goals.

Enough of that… no, seriously, my verb this year was to EXECUTE. No list, no plans, just living and moving towards what’s destined for me.

“It’s the rule of life that everything you have always wanted comes the very second you stop looking for it.”  Sex and the City

As I sit at this rooftop bar in Manhattan, having a drink and enjoying the conversation of a new friend, I am reminded that we meet who we need when it’s necessary. Plus, new adventures open up to us everyday.

Until next time, live long and travel ✈️


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