The Rhythm of Life…Keys in A major

“It was all a DREAM” – Biggie Smalls

Yesterday felt like a dream, yet it was not. I didn’t grow up in a religious/spiritually based household, in fact I once attended more Jehovah witness services than I had stepped foot into a church. I’m unable to recall how it all began, but I remember streaming services from The Potters House as early as 2009. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I felt a draw to something larger than myself. So here stood this burly man with a strong voice and a way of speaking that everything in me wanted to learn more. I would attend a special kind of service, one I would call “stay at home baptist” faithfully. I know, it’s terrible. It’s honest. On a list I managed to create many moons ago I jotted a note to finally make it to Dallas to attend a live service. Well, I never made it Dallas and I honestly have no plans to visit Dallas. It was wonderful that TD Jakes stopped by The Rock in San Diego for a book signing.

He spoke for more than an hour about the book and answered some of life’s biggest questions. Class was in session. Many of the topics I’ve heard him cover before, but some messages held a special meaning to me in this moment.

“Keep stumbling into GRACE”

After writing down as many gems as I could fit into my notes we all gathered to have our books signed. I typically don’t “fan” out for anyone but I was so excited to meet the guy who opened my eyes to Christianity. It was a quick “hello” and “God bless you” with a handshake but it was wonderful. I’ve read plenty of his books and have followed the ministry for years and in that moment it all felt like the universe found a way to give me another sign.

Until next time…


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