The Body Lab Pilates+

I’m currently in the middle of an Eat, Pray, Love escape scene in Kansas City during the winter months.  Ugh!!  Its 23 degrees outside and sadly I do not have anything but trendy Nike gear and a North Face to brace for the winter.  Earlier this afternoon I felt inspired to get up and book a pilates class.  So I booked a noon class at The Body Lab Pilates+ located in Leawood, KS.  I have taken pilates for months in La Jolla, but I’ve also taken a break from working out over the past three months.  So of course my first day back was painful.  I soon discovered that I am super tense, tight, and in need of a deep stretch.  Horrible time to figure this out during a reformer class while performing deep lunges on the reformer.  My legs began to shake like chicken meat. LOL!!  The instructor, Amy did a great job at keeping the class challenging and fun.  I’m happy she helped me with my form when I obviously couldn’t hold a pose.  As soon as class concluded I was very glad I decided to come, and burn some calories

In total honesty, I will visit again, but I hear we are expecting an arctic breeze over the next 5 days so I may stay indoors until the temp rises again. Stay warm folk.

For today’s class I used my ClassPass subscription.  If you are on the fence about using ClassPass please use the following link to get $30 off your first month.  If for some reason you do not fall in love with access to a variety of gyms and boutique gyms, you can cancel the service.


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