Can I Get a Word In……Please?

Do you know someone who loves to hear them self talk?  I think we all do. The sad thing is that if you told them the truth they would accuse you of being wrong.  You find yourself in conversations with this person and soon realize they don’t want to hear your input they are perfectly … More Can I Get a Word In……Please?


Missed Appointment

Let’s just say that I missed my appointment this past Saturday.  When it comes to showing up on time, consider me late.  I’ve decided to push my search for a home back a month.  I really want to start canvassing several neighborhood’s to find a great place to live. At this point I would like … More Missed Appointment

The Moment

There’s 102 days before I move.  This may not be a big deal to anyone else but this is huge.  Not long ago my Mr. Big finally came to the realization that we should move in together.  Great! Not only am I on board with moving together I’m eager to start looking, I’m thinking loft … More The Moment