Bridal Dress Shopping…

So far I’ve learned that choosing the right dress takes time, you can’t always walk in the store and say “yes”. A bridal gown, whether you’ve dreamed of it your whole life or just started to think about it should make you feel like a bride. … More Bridal Dress Shopping…


Something White

I recently traveled back to Kansas City to visit family and go look at bridal gowns with family and friends.  This was the first time I would try on a wedding dress and determine what looks great on me.   I made an appointment at Something White Bridal Boutique located in the Crossroads District of Kansas … More Something White

Lack of Patience

Ugh!!!  Earlier this week I messaged my manager and requested to order new books for the series 66 license.  Sounds simple well, she ignored my message for three days, so I followed up with her today.  Mid-afternoon she sends me a response and schedules  a meeting with me.  Ok.  Sounds like bad news already.  Let … More Lack of Patience