What’s so magical about watching the sunset? The sun is a star at the center of the solar system. It’s a huge source of energy and gives life on earth. Think about that for a minute. The sun provides energy for life on earth. Based on this alone, watching a beautiful sunset forces you to … More Sunsets¬†

Endless Search

Are you working your plan? ¬†That’s a questions I ask myself from time to time. ¬†I thought I was working my plan, but as time went on, I realized I didn’t have much of a plan at all, rather¬†more faith in a higher power. True transparency – I’ve interviewed for roles in San Diego, CA … More Endless Search

Something White

I recently traveled back to Kansas City to visit family and go look at bridal gowns with family and friends. ¬†This was the first time I would try on a wedding dress and determine¬†what looks great on me. ¬† I made an appointment at Something White Bridal Boutique located in the Crossroads District of Kansas … More Something White

Living in Orlando

I’ve lived in Orlando nineteen months so far, some days better then others, but I now love this place. It hit me as I sat on the patio of my favorite happy hour spot it was in that very moment that I realized how much I’ve fallen for this place. In such a short time … More Living in Orlando

What is Success

We all think about it, we all try to determine what being successful is, but are you defining what success really means to you and your life? Like most people, I was brought up to believe that a thriving career, a healthy income, good health, and tons of material possessions equated to success. Well, what … More What is Success

Lack of Patience

Ugh!!! ¬†Earlier this week I messaged my manager and requested to order new books for the series 66 license. ¬†Sounds simple well, she ignored my message for three days, so I followed up with her today. ¬†Mid-afternoon she sends me a response and schedules ¬†a meeting with me. ¬†Ok. ¬†Sounds like bad news already. ¬†Let … More Lack of Patience

New Year, New You

A new year equals a new you, right? ¬†Well, not always it’s hard to see how a new year holds so many promises when just four days ago, last year everything seemed so tense. ¬†Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets dive into 2014. ¬†With each passing year I begin to sort … More New Year, New You

Change of Plans

Alright, where should I begin? October 18th, Mr. Big ruptured his left achilles. Sounds like deja vu? No, really it is. Late January of 2012 Mr. Big ruptured his right achilles and quickly underwent surgery. So what does this mean? Initially, he intended to have surgery in Doha and also go through rehabilitation there too. … More Change of Plans