Christmas out West

I just love Christmas, there’s no greater holiday. This year I chose to spend Christmas in San Diego with Mr. Big. It meant so much to me to finally spend the Christmas holiday with my honey m, especially with us being apart for the last two years. Oh yeah, I also shipped some of my … More Christmas out West

My First Solo Trip

I’m thinking about planning my first solo trip to Rome this year.  I’m a bit nervous and I hope this doesn’t kill my plans.  Christmas day I bought a round trip ticket to Abu Dhabi on Emirates for $300 and later cancelled the flight because I chickened out.  Now I feel like crap.  First I … More My First Solo Trip

I’m Moving Again

This morning, Mr. Big asked me to move over to Doha. Of course I accepted, but now what? Soon he will be working out the details of a new role and figuring out who will provide my work permit, etc., the Company or us. Immediately after the news I was turning cart wheels in my … More I’m Moving Again

Visiting the UAE

Dubai!! Let that settle in for a second. I recently traveled to Dubai for about a week. The UAE is roughly 45 minutes flight from Doha and using FlyDubai made the round trip tickets unbelievably cheap. I was super excited to finally make it to Dubai. I’ve heard so much about how extravagant, larger than … More Visiting the UAE

Ramadan 2014

Last night we visited The Ritz-Carlton, Doha for Iftar. We arrived at dinner 6 p.m. sharp. Once at the hotel, we found ourselves walking down an immaculately tiled hallway with tall ceiling and gorgeous chandeliers. Soon, we were greeted by the hostess and seated within minutes. The dinner was bet in a beautifully decorated ballroom. … More Ramadan 2014

Temporary Home

Have you ever wanted to have a glimpse into your future? Why not, it would make the next step easier, right? Well I’m currently stating in Doha, Qatar for the next few weeks and I’m totally a fish out of water over here. I stayed up many nights wondering what life would look like for … More Temporary Home