First Stop…Temecula!

My morning started early, my plan included traveling to Temecula and later going to lunch in San Diego.  It was my birthday and instead of being upset I spent the majority of the day by myself and I this  as an opportunity to knock some things off my to-do list.  As a Cancer I’ve spent plenty of birthdays upset when things didn’t go as planned, so now, I plan my own day.  Yes!! I’m a control freak and I’m good with that.

I started my day inside a Starbucks not in deep thought, but wondering how in the world I was going to pull this day off.  After dropping Mr. Big off at work I planned to drive up to Temecula and visit a couple wineries and take a tour.  The drive up to Temecula took roughly 45 minutes to complete.  The entire time I spent found myself looking at the mountains and trying to keep up with traffic without getting distracted.  What I intended to be my first stop became my only stop in Temecula.  I stopped in to check out Wilson Creek Winery and to take a tour of the place.  What a beautiful place, I totally fell in love with the barrel room.

Barrel Room
Barrel Room at Wilson Creek

Walking through the fields brought so many great sights, either seeing the grapes on the vines or the mountains, the entire morning was perfect.  This was a bit different from the last time I traveled to California.

Wilson Creek

This time the vines were full and the fields had endless grapes and leaves on them. Visiting Napa back in March was a different experience because the grapes were already removed from the vines.


This place was beautiful!  I also took a tour of the place to see if I could fall in love with the space enough to host my wedding there. Well lets just say that I did. The property has tons of space and a few options for a ceremony and reception.  One thing I did not do was taste the wine, I figured I would hate to get a DUI or something on my birthday and not being able to completely focus on the road.  Next time, I want to drive up to Temecula with Mr. Big and have lunch and do a tasting.  That will be fun.

Wilson Creek

I spent about an hour touring the winery and it was the best way to spend my morning.  I couldn’t have planned my morning any better than touring this place and enjoying the views in Temecula.


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