Something White

I recently traveled back to Kansas City to visit family and go look at bridal gowns with family and friends.  This was the first time I would try on a wedding dress and determine what looks great on me.   I made an appointment at Something White Bridal Boutique located in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO.

The boutique was gorgeous and had ample space for several folks to visit and not interrupt our afternoon.  I tried on several dresses, some white, some with tons of lace, some big, some small and I finally tried on what later became the dress I wanted to buy.  It was majestic, it was a long flowing dress with pearls and tons of material.   In that moment, I saw myself as a bride and seriously considered purchasing the dress.  Oh yeah, just in case I forget to say I picked out the dress.  No other dress that day compared to how beautiful I felt this dress would appear in our wedding photos.

So let’s talk money.  First the owner totaled out my bill for roughly $3000 and I just couldn’t believe wedding dresses run this high.  After a little chatting she made the “I can discount this, discount that” statement and brought the cost down to $2500. Scratches head because I’m floored at how much a damn dress actually cost.  Unlike most women I didn’t sit around just knowing off the top of my head how much a wedding dress cost, I thought spending a $1000 would be a stretch.  Boy was I wrong. So I decided to leave the dress.  I’m afraid of commitment and can’t see paying 50% down on something that I may not love August 2016 – Hell I may change my mind and go with a totally different look all together.   I plan on looking around at more shops and if I can’t find anything else, then I may go back and have her order my dress or find another shop to do it.  Something White Bridal Boutique


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