Lack of Patience

Ugh!!!  Earlier this week I messaged my manager and requested to order new books for the series 66 license.  Sounds simple well, she ignored my message for three days, so I followed up with her today.  Mid-afternoon she sends me a response and schedules  a meeting with me.  Ok.  Sounds like bad news already.  Let me add a little context to this story for you.  About a month ago I expressed an interest in studying for the 9/10 licenses, that would allow me to eventually move up the ladder in my current role.  Well, that was met with a brick wall, or should I say a “let’s give it a few months”  approach. Fast forward.  So today my manager told me the same thing, I expressed my opinion and questioned her intentions, letting her know that there would be no promise of me getting test materials in three months and I wasn’t playing her game.  Long story short, I called the registration department at the firm and did some digging.  I can purchase the materials on my own and even pay for the test.  I would need to submit a payment to reimburse my Org for the cost.

I just finished reading my yearly horoscope and it mentioned how I should go with the flow and learn not to go against the grain.  Well,  I can’t.  One thing I hate the most is for someone to tell me NO.  Umm, that doesn’t fly with me.  When I want something I want it now.  Also, it doesn’t help that I need the license to become compensated for providing securities advice.  So I’m really working on my own timeline.

If you’ve read my earlier post you will see that my only reason for moving to Florida was to become licensed, I did that and now I’m ready to roll. I swear there are days I enjoy being down here and the other days I’m ready to drive my ass out of here.  So with that being said, I really can’t wait until the end of March to get this book and take this exam.  Hell, I’m flying to Qatar in April and by the end of the month need to either be out of this apartment or signing another lease.  That’s my dilemma.  I can’t really decide what’s the best decision.  I really miss home, but I enjoy being away.

Ok, back to my original point.  In my journey I’ve learned that I sometime self sabotage certain situations.  So while I wanted to dig my heels in with my manager today, I realized that wouldn’t get me anywhere.  I do hope that telling her how I’m willing to invest in myself and pay for the books and exam shows her I’m not just looking to add licenses for the sake of having them, plus you can’t keep me down.

I’ve learned patience over the past three years, but I’ve also learned that you can’t keep accepting “no”, or  “well in three months” sometimes you have to take your career in your own hands and put action to your dreams because the politics at work can hold you back for a bit.


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