Missing Something Huge

Things haven’t felt the since Mr. Big left.  I sat around several days after his flight home and was tremendously sad.  The sadness I felt was not as severe as the first time, but the wounds still hurt.  I’ve really struggled with making my new place feel like home and while he was visiting it felt like home.  Without his presence my house feels empty, missing laughter, excitement, the smell of delicious food and most of all him.  I can say I learned a ton while we spent an endless amount of time together.

Lesson #1 – At the core, relationships have to be built on respect and friendship.  Can you relate to your partner?  Do you have any shared experiences?  Do you respect their opinion? Can you debate and still be friends?

Lesson #2 – Relationships are not businesses, but each person has an idea of how they want things to occur.  How do we run this enterprise?  How do we make decisions?  Who, has the final say?

Lesson #3 – You have to give people space to “be”.  Even if you live with someone, you must give them some ounce of freedom.  Go out, find things to do and come back and share with your partner.

Lesson #4 – Moving as a unit is fun.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  There is a nice confidence you exude as a couple when you live harmoniously.

Lesson #5 – Bed time is fun!!!

Aside from some of the things mentioned above, having a taste of something you’ve always wanted can really be nice.  Oh well, too much of the mushy stuff is a bit much.




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