Vegas Baby ❤️💋

Last weekend I flew to Las Vegas to meet up with someone to enjoy at quick trip to the desert.  The last time I flew into Vegas had to be 9 years ago.  I didn’t have the best of times, but this time I was determined to do Vegas up right. 

During my last visit I gambled $5 and swore I would just spend the remainder of my time shopping.  This time I spent a little money gambling and won $40.10, well really I went up to $70 and lost most of it. Typical!

Of course we spent time doing some walking, drinking and eating but you know all about that stuff.   We sat for dinner and had unlimited crab legs and wine…. took a ton of pictures and just relaxed.    The next day we went downstairs to eat brunch at the Bellagio Buffet. Let me tell you, we were so stuffed.  We sat for brunch and talked and drank plus ate for hours. Sometimes that’s all you need to enjoy a good brunch. 


Of course love was in the air, but you don’t want to hear about that. 💋


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