The Flight Back to Southern California 💋❤️

I have absolutely no reason to be in Cali besides my job. Everything I love sits in KC and FL. But, I still must go… This is both exciting and weird at the same time. 

Sitting in the airport brought a flood of emotions my way. Not sure how to sort them at this point. I’m not lost, I just have not made any real plans about what I’m doing in Cali. I know I will start with maintaining my role and figuring out whether I want to stay or transfer to another location….

In making this flight back, I’ve decided to move past my fear and live in a city without a proper foundation. It’s a very new place for me in my life, but something has me here. I know things will soon unfold and guide me towards the reason I’m back in California. With that understanding I’m looking to enjoy my time in Southern California until I’m given my next orders. 

💋Welcome Home


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