AirBnB Spots

With all of the hoopla in the media about Airbnb, I’ve started to question, why businesses care where some of us plan to lay our heads while on vacation? I get it, the hotel and resorts are hurting… Ok.  Maybe??  On the other hand, renting apartments, homes, condos, etc… from regular folks may help them generate periodic income.  I’m not against big corporations, but I am for offering an experience unlike anything you could ever get at a typical hotel.  Let’s  be honest, typical hotel stays suck, they fail to offer more than a studio apartment minus the kitchenette.

I’ve had the luxury to visit several Airbnb spots and prefer them over the conventional hotel/resort in some places.  With that being said, please check out Airbnb the next time you go on vacation.  Finding a place is pretty easy.

Steps to finding a spot using Airbnb

1. Create a login – This helps with booking rentals and it allows the hostess to leave feedback for other hostesses to read.  You will need this, reviews allow other hostesses to determine whether or not you get approved for their space.  Be worthy of a good review at all times.

2. Search your destination and narrow your search based on number of bedrooms, entire homes, rent rooms, price range, etc…

3.  Review the terms, definitely check out the minimum number of nights required to book and the deposit fee.

4. Request to book

5. Wait for hostess to approve your stay

6. Pay for your stay

7.  Exchange information – Like phone numbers, where to meet up, who will provide key, is the property in a gated community or not, etc..

8. Show up and enjoy!!!

Airbnb Home Page


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