Don’t Tag Me! 

No, I did not give you permission to post and tag me online. I have a reputation to uphold. First, ask me if I want to be tagged online?? Secondly, check my social media presence and realize I don’t broadcast all of my moves. I’m paraphrasing, but does the Hip Hop proverb from Biggie Smalls’ 10 Crack Commandments ring a bell? Real G’s move in silence. Ugh!!!

I get it, everyone wants to broadcast every move, lunch, shit, and friendship they have. Yeah, not me. I miss the days where you could get to know someone and not have to share with the world who you know. Damn. I miss privacy. Some days I want to unfriend and delete my social media accounts to stop the bullshit. There have been times when I just let it slide, under one condition…don’t tag me and since we don’t have mutual friends…so I approve. Lord knows I don’t make an exception often. During this invasion of privacy I learned one Golden Rule and that’s to never let someone take your picture. Nope, not ever, not even on that day you have in mind. While we pretty much serve ourselves up on a platter to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Snap I still like to control what gets posted and what gets archived in my phone to later be saved on my laptop.

How can I survive and keep my social media space sacred? Ugh!!! Can I be mean and just make it a non negotiable? At least until I’m ready to announce to the world who I had lunch with. I’ve typically done a great job at avoiding the dreadful “What’s our IG?” or “How come you won’t add me on Facebook?” Have you ever played 21 questions about social media? Well I’m the Queen at dodging that series of questions.

To all my private profilers and very picky posters….I get it, let’s unite and say “Umm, please pull and untag me please.”


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