Little Italy on a Budget

Let me set the scene, it was Sunday morning. I had already enjoyed my first cup of coffee and did some reading for the morning. My first appointment was around noon in Little Italy, so I made my way down to Little Italy.

First, thank God. It was the weekend and I was able to find street parking for free and not worry about getting a ticket. I was unsure how long I would hang out down here, but I wanted options. I walked a around a bit and ran across many of the spots I’ve followed on Instagram. After completing a quick Yelp search I had a couple breakfast joints that looked promising. One being, Craft and Commerce, a trendy bar with outdoor seating with several breakfast items. The other, Harbor Breakfast, an awesome looking dinner with tons of folks waiting to be seated. So of course I wanted to see what the hype was about. I was sat immediately and quickly found myself at the bar mixing with the locals. The vibe of this spot was chill, yet efficient, and trendy. We enjoyed our morning listening to hip hop music while conversing about life. I ordered a cold brew coffee from Stumptown Coffee and the Shrimp Diablo. 

While there I struck up a conversation about traveling and photography, my true love. It’s funny how much you find that you have in common with folks, I just love it. I learned a lot from that conversation. 
After wrapping up breakfast I went and sat outside in the shade and took some time to enjoy the afternoon.  
Breakdown of the cost:
Parking – $0

Breakfast and Coffee – $20


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