Rediscovering My Love For Reading â¤ï¸ðŸ’‹

Weirdly like everyone else I made the move over to an E-Reader and began to fill my library with a ton of books. I even too it a step further and downloaded the Kindle Reader app on my phone. Ha! Like it mattered. I could never sit long enough and read a page without toggling to another app and scrolling Instagram or Twitter. As Florida Evan said from Good Times, DAMN! Damn!! Damn!!! Ok, no seriously… reading became such a task for me. I would read here and there, but never finish a book. I have done this dance for around 4 years already. So during my Year of Yes I plan to read a ton more. Most of what I’m reading will focus on helping me live a better life. Alright, so what will help me during my journey? Self help books on procrastination, holding crucial conversations, networking, etc… the fun stuff. 

Happy Reading folks


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