Do It Anyway 💋❤️

“Learn to ask of all actions, “Why are they doing that?” Starting with your own.” – Marcus Aurelius

Over the next 12 months I set a goal of reading one book a month. Sadly, I enjoy reading but I rarely finish any of the books I’ve started. Well that stops now.

First up I’m reading Feel The Fear…And Do It Anyway, written by Susan Jeffers. This one was handed to me by a family member. Considering the timing of everything I committed to knocking out this book today.

Here’s how I’m feeling after reading this book

Over the span of my life, I’ve held myself back from many things. I would put things I wanted on hold so I could experience them with someone. I would hitch my wagon to whatever my family had planned so that I would not miss a moment. Through all of that I never developed my own process. Sadly, this would show up in my relationship and I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to accomplish anything. I was doing what I had done numerous times in the past. If there was a plan and I wanted the same result I never saw a problem with going along with things. Oddly enough, I should have just leaned into my own fears of figuring things out on my own instead of trying to build with someone before I knew what I needed and how to approach life. I have all the confidence in the world in certain areas of my life, but I’m starting to see areas where I needed to develop that confidence a bit more.

Did a book make me realize this? Yes and no, it has gave me something to think about as I think over my past and carve out my future. Over the next 12 months I will become less indecisive in order to begin going with the flow and stop over analyzing every decision I make. Yes, I may be afraid to do some things and that’s okay. At some point I have to manage that.

Whew! Are any of you questioning every decision? Trying to figure out the good vs. bad?

What are some take aways 
1. Not making a decision is still a decision

2. No one can make them for you

3. Fear will paralyze you if you don’t find a way to manage it

4. Growth is on the other side of fear

5. Sometimes you have to address the elephant in the room


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