SparkCycle for the Win

Walking into the studio you notice the sitting area outdoors and a huge bowl of fresh fruit. Once inside you are greeted with a contagious smile from a new friend. After signing in and collecting your shoes you walk down a hallway to the locker room.  

With this being my first time I had help getting my bike set up, I’m 10 and 5, 10 being my seat height and 5 for my handle bars. This is really important, having this correct ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Once locked into the bike, I got a bit nervous. Not sure what to expect I began to peddle. 

Our instructor for the night was Courtney, full of energy and excitement to help us reach our goals for the night. Soon the music starts pumping and the lights go out for our first ride. The entire 45 minute class is filled with good beats and inspiration to accomplish your goals for the class and in life too. Halfway through the class you begin to feel as though you’ve hit your max, but you peddle faster. You start wiping the sweat from you brow and still insist on peddling faster. By the end of the class you are handed a cold refreshing eucalyptus towel to cool yourself down and lord was it nice. 
I’m hooking and will return next week for another class. 

Check out SparkCycle website for more details. 


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