Class Pass with No Commitment

I recently signed up for Class Pass in San Diego as a cheap alternative to purchasing  classes at every gym around town.  Class Pass is a subscription based product where you purchase 5 classes a month for $50 and each city has a huge number of fitness gyms that participate in the program.  While Class Pass does offer memberships around $95 with more classes, I prefer to stick with the $50 package.

My first class will be at SparkCycle in La Jolla, California.  I’m super excited to have the ability to join a class without spending a crap load of money.  This place promises a high energy, fast paced, 45 minute ride with a great soundtrack.   It’s suggested that each class burns around 400-600 calories and offers a full body workout. 

What’s the goal for me?  I’m looking to find an alternative to using the treadmill and elliptical machines. If you leave me to complete any cardio on my own, I’m more likely to stop after 20 minutes.  I know the health benefits of cardio and I still hate it.  

Stay tuned, I will follow back up and let you know how the class goes. 

Also, check out Class Pass and see what memberships are offered in your area.

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