Endless Search

Are you working your plan?  That’s a questions I ask myself from time to time.  I thought I was working my plan, but as time went on, I realized I didn’t have much of a plan at all, rather more faith in a higher power.

True transparency – I’ve interviewed for roles in San Diego, CA for roughly 10 months and I couldn’t land a job. I’ve used countless avenues like LinkedIn and my personal network to aid me in finding a role in California.  My hope was to find a gig out in San Diego with my current employer, but its been 10 months and only one job has shown up and it’s 50 miles away.  UGH! At this point, I want to maintain consistent income, my benefits, and a steady paycheck with an awesome company.  Me, being me, I applied and interviewed for the role and this past Friday I received a declination letter for this job.  I was crushed, beyond belief.  No one tells you that you will begin to hate interviews after having tons of them.  At this point, I knew the drive was bananas, so I was not upset when I found out they were mostly concerned about my commute.  Ok, that’s cool.

Here I am attempting to control my next move, when I should be focusing on other things.

The HR rep sent an email on Friday at the end of the day, so lame. I won’t say I knew it was a sure thing, but I was attempting to control my next move. I’ve sat around and tried to wait for a role to come up for me for so long that I began to question whether I needed to move.  This wouldn’t be the first time I put my gig in front of my relationship with Mr. Big.   This time around, was it the right thing to do?

Full circle moment. Back in 2012 Mr. Big was on his was overseas for work and I decided not to tag along. In 2015, same thing happened, Mr. Big moves to San Diego and again I’ve decided to not leave so that I may keep a job. So, it’s no surprise that I find myself without a solid job as I finally commit to leaving. I typically play it rather safe and at this point, I wonder if I need to just step out on faith and not worry about my next role. That’s tough and it is foreign to me, especially now.

I totally acknowledge my shortcomings and I know specifically why I’m still here, but I’m starting to understand that I need to find a better balance between us and pursuing a career. All of this interviewing has me thinking that I need to strengthen my resume a bit more.   I’m researching  professional designation I can add in order to help my future job search go much better.


What are some ways you pivot from one role to the next?
Can women have it all?
Is there a such thing as balance?
Can you recognize when you’ve had a full circle moment?


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