Christmas out West

I just love Christmas, there’s no greater holiday. This year I chose to spend Christmas in San Diego with Mr. Big. It meant so much to me to finally spend the Christmas holiday with my honey m, especially with us being apart for the last two years. Oh yeah, I also shipped some of my stuff to California too.

My first set of boxes have arrived

Shipping tip – Amtrak ships boxes at a reasonable rate. Let me give you an example, I shipped 100 pounds of stuff for $84. 

We took a road trip to The Bay in order to spend Christmas with his mom. The road trip was pretty nice, especially the drive along the hills and the clouds. Besides some light traffic around LA, the drive was perfect.

As usual we head to Downtown Oakland to our favorite spot, The Trappist, for some beers and a relaxing atmosphere. If you are ever out the way I would suggest stopping in for a great selection of beers.

Serving Belgium and Specialty Beer

As I get older, I’m starting to miss being back home with my parents with everyone for the holidays. Look at me being selfish as Mr. Big has not spent a Christmas with his mom in over five years, so it was nice to finally spend it with her.
Until next time…


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