Bridal Dress Shopping…

Now that I have sort of set a date for my wedding to Mr. Big, Aug 2016, I’ve began to shop for dresses.  If you read my last post you know that I’ve visited my first shop and had a great experience.  After leaving the first bridal shop feeling like a big cheap-o I was determined find a dress for less.  Boy was I wrong.  Upon returning to Orlando, I decided to visit a shop off San Lake due to it’s low prices.  Wrong idea.  While the shop had an entire store full of gowns for less than $800, I was not in love with the materials, the lace, etc…  After leaving the store I realized that I’m not one for really cheap dresses but I can’t afford really expensive dresses either, heck, maybe $2500 for a dress was normal.

Last weekend I traveled to Winter Park, FL to visit a shop that carried the Robert Bullock gown I so wanted.  Once I arrived at the store I was greeted by a rep and ask way too many questions.  “Whats the occasion?” A wedding, I’m at a bridal shop.  Needless to say I was not offered any attention at this shop.  While my price range was at the bottom for them, they carried the designer I wanted to see, yet I could not find any of the dresses.  I plan on writing a Yelp review of my terrible experience.  That shop really made me feel like they had no interest in helping me find a dress if I didn’t appear to have a ton of money.  No bride should ever feel this way.  If the Bridal boutique you visits has you feeling like they don’t care to help you, then leave.  Never spend money in a place that doesn’t respect what you bring.

I searched the internet and watched a ton of “Say Yes to the Dress” to figure out that I would give this another shot.  Yesterday I drove to Winter Garden to visit a bridal shop with a ton of affordable designers ranging from $1K-$3K.  I tried on three gowns and felt I made good choices but I was not completely in love, they were priced at $1350, $1650, and $2350. In addition to having nice gowns they offered 50% off select gowns, which was nice to see.  I promised the owner I would visit in November with mother so she could help me make a decision, jus in case I was tripping.  Maybe one of the gowns will be 50% off.

So far I’ve learned that choosing the right dress takes time, you can’t always walk in the store and say “yes”.  A bridal gown, whether you’ve dreamed of it your whole life or just started to think about it should make you feel like a bride.

My ideal gown will be show off my slim figure with an open back, lace and jewels, with crinoline below the knee to give the gown a fuller look.  I’ve tried on a ball gown and loved it, I’ve tried on several dresses with ton’s of lace and a little crinoline, and I’ve tried on dresses without a full skirt, and for me, a full skirt says “Bride” and I can’t wait to find the right one.

Catch up with you guys later….


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