My First Solo Trip

I’m thinking about planning my first solo trip to Rome this year.  I’m a bit nervous and I hope this doesn’t kill my plans.  Christmas day I bought a round trip ticket to Abu Dhabi on Emirates for $300 and later cancelled the flight because I chickened out.  Now I feel like crap.  First I missed out on an awesome trip and I cancelled a deal.  DUMB DECISION.  I will never see a deal like that again.  So, now that I finally have this out in the open, I really need to pull it together.  I’m aware that the feeling of traveling alone is worse than actually traveling alone.  As of today, I’m not sure when I will take this trip, I would prefer to go in July (Birthday Month), but I would also prefer to go when it’s less busy.

I’ve devised a plan to getting butt on the plane, first I need to make a plan, figure out what I can do to fill my time. Of course I plan to take a couple tours, but I also think keeping the trip to 5 days total will also help me stay focused.  Five days total will allow for 3 days of adventure outside of travel days.  Just doing a basic search on trip adviser, I can see there will be enough to do to occupy my time.  Now, I need to get to a point where I realize that waiting on friends, family, and a spouse to tag along may actually push my trip date out a bit.  I’m getting there, but it’s taking me some time.

I want my next post to list some of the things I want to do while in Rome.  Until next time….


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