Living in Orlando

I’ve lived in Orlando nineteen months so far, some days better then others, but I now love this place. It hit me as I sat on the patio of my favorite happy hour spot it was in that very moment that I realized how much I’ve fallen for this place.

In such a short time I’ve created my own little community. I enjoy going to work everyday, I enjoy being downtown all of the time, I like how close things are for me. Most evenings I make it out to Lake Eola to jog, then on Sundays I attend Yoga in the Park. It’s free and the instructors are wonderful. Yoga in the Park There is just something about this park that makes me feel good about moving to Orlando. People gather here and bring there families just to get out of the house and spend time with each other. It’s also a place where you can feed the homeless, get a picture painted, have someone sing you a song, attend the farmers market, or just about anything else you want to do.

That being said, I bet I could fall in love with any place I’ve decided to call home. I did the same thing with my college town. There is something about starting over that I love. When you move away you tend to grow a bit, and who doesn’t like growth. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and explore more. I do wish I would travel more to the shoreline, I’m like an hours drive from several beaches, yet I stick close to home an drive around Orlando looking for things to do.


I know I will miss this place when it’s time to go, but in leaving I will know that Orlando has taught me something I couldn’t learn back in my hometown. Moving away from family and friends forces you to make new friends, find new hangout spots, and rely solely on yourself. One thing is for sure, I don’t ever want to move back to chilly weather. There is something about bright and sunny days that I can get accustomed to down here.

Until next time….


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