What is Success

We all think about it, we all try to determine what being successful is, but are you defining what success really means to you and your life? Like most people, I was brought up to believe that a thriving career, a healthy income, good health, and tons of material possessions equated to success. Well, what happens when you do everything you thought would move you toward success and yet don’t quite feel as though you’ve made it, what’s next?

Do we redefine success as we get older? Sort of, I like to believe that we do redefine what success really means throughout our lives, and ultimately it’s about being at peace with your decisions. At the core, you have to decide what you really want out of life, what will make you happy regardless of how things turn out, and what ways can you be successful?

Success for me at different stages

During my teen years I focused on finishing school and leaving for college. In my early 20s I wanted to finish school strong and enjoy college life. During my late 20s I wanted to establish myself with a good company and work hard to be promoted. At 30, I want to continue growing in my current field and working my way to professional success. None of that mentioned family. Could I be the only one that always based success on my career? I don’t think so, but does changing the way I define success lessen my passion towards work or can I have it all? I believe we can have it all, but maybe not at the same time or maybe we must find our balance. The good thing is that everything has a season, if we stay diligent and work on what makes us feel a sense of accomplishment then we will always be successful.

What are your thoughts?


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