Visiting the UAE

Dubai!! Let that settle in for a second.

I recently traveled to Dubai for about a week. The UAE is roughly 45 minutes flight from Doha and using FlyDubai made the round trip tickets unbelievably cheap. I was super excited to finally make it to Dubai. I’ve heard so much about how extravagant, larger than life, and memorable Dubai can be.


Upon arriving in Dubai you notice the massive size of the airport and the amount of taxis waiting out front to take you wherever you need to go. The temperature was scorching hot, try 100 degrees.


The one thing I noticed immediately after arriving in Dubai, that set it apart from Doha, would be what women were allowed to wear. In Doha you must dress according to Muslim standards. Women couldn’t show their shoulders, dresses and skirts must fall to the knee, and clothes should be loose. Huge problem there. On the other hand, Dubai has a less restrictive dress code. Don’t get me wrong we were still in a region that frowned upon women showing to much skin. Say you dressed in skinny pants or a dress that hit right above the knee, the laborers would freaking stare a hole through you before you noticed them checking you out. I found this very odd, especially considering I always considered myself the last person to wear revealing clothes and I never worry about such things. Over there, anything made men stare.

We fetch a taxi and roll to Palm Jumeriah, we freaking stayed on the Palm. Arriving at The resort, Fairmont The Palm, the entrance took my breath away, everything was oversized. The chandeliers, archways, furniture, everything were larger than life.




The resort was lovely, we had access to restaurants, a cigar bar, access to the beach, pools, lounges. Even room service was great!!! Because Mr. Big travels frequently to Dubai he suggested that we buy liquor in Doha at reasonable prices, plus we will get the selection we want. What a great idea, if you didn’t know, alcohol is hard to come across in the Middle East, it’s mostly served at Hotel/Resort Bars. Or on the other hand, you will pay a ton of money just to have a drink.

First day. We get in relax and start moving around the city to pick up snacks from the gas station. Of course in the Middle East gas prices were low, go figure.

Second day. We get out and visit the Dubai Mall. I will let he pictures explain it all. It was full of everything, restaurants, my favorite, Garretts Popcorn, I fell in love.





Later that evening we took a taxi over to the Dubai Marina to have dinner. Loved it. It was lit up and people were out. It sort of reminded me of Ocean Drive down in Miami. Folks were rolling around showcasing their cars and playing Arabic music at ignorant levels. What an experience.



We had dinner at this one spot, the hummus was so good and Mr. Big hit the hookah and we chatted. It was so different, after you’re done eating you can break out a board game and just hang out. I can’t say I’ve seen that often.

The Dubai Marina during daytime hours was another story, it was quiet,tons of restaurants, but not too many people out.




There was this one place called Wingsters behind Radisson Blu Residence. The spot was delicious, tons of wing sauces and fries.

The remainder of the days we just hung out and took in the sights.




One of our last days in Dubai, we visited The Palm Atlantis and had a fabulous brunch at Saffron, we ate and drank for hours. Everything from crab legs, sushi, biryani, lamb, salmon, etc… We left there filling stuffed. The music was pumping and everyone enjoyed themselves.




I know I was only there for a little less than a week, I fell in love with the place. It was just like everyone thought it would be. Next time, I want to go clubbing and check that out.


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