Temporary Home

Have you ever wanted to have a glimpse into your future? Why not, it would make the next step easier, right? Well I’m currently stating in Doha, Qatar for the next few weeks and I’m totally a fish out of water over here. I stayed up many nights wondering what life would look like for me living abroad with Mr. Big here in Qatar. Now that I’m here I can have a better idea of now we would live and the role I would play.

My first week was okay, once you stop drooling over he amenities and how close Carrefour and two malls are from your front door, you begin to find your flow. So far, I wake up around 7 a.m. And see Mr. Big off for work the. I fall back asleep until 10 a.m. Make breakfast, watch CNBC and later visit the gym. Not exciting at all, I know. I find time to FaceTime my mother every morning, feels like I’m trying not to miss out on what’s happening back in the states. I may visit something close just to break up my day. Time moves really slow over here, which I don’t mind really, it’s a nice break from the fast paced life back in the states.




What about the culture….I’ve noticed the Muslim attire looks pretty good. At one point in my life I couldn’t understand why they dressed as they did in public, now I get it. It’s kind of cool in a sense. I respect it enough not to stare when in public. On the other hand, people will stare you down for the smallest things. I don’t get how they stare at you for wearing knee length shorts and dresses. As an American staying abroad its so hard to to adapt to the extreme temperatures and not put on a short sleeve shirt of dress. For me, it’s not about disrespecting the culture, it’s about limiting how much I sweat while conducting routine task in 114 degree weather. Oh well, while here I will try my best to limit how much skin I show.


Another thing I’ve struggled with, not finding the food items I’ve grown accustomed to purchasing at my local grocer. I couldn’t find WishBone dressing, chicken seasoning, or fajita seasonings just to name a few. There are so many Asian and Arabic seasonings that it complicates cooking for Mr. Big. Food taste different when your using spices that aren’t familiar to you.

It takes time to adjust


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