To Infinity and Beyond

It may have been 10 days, but it was the best 10 days a girl could ask for, we had fun.  I’ve taken so long with posting pictures and details about the trip because I couldn’t find the words to summarize our trip.  Let’s see, I traveled to Doha from Orlando, April 17, and from Doha to Amsterdam from April 19 thru April 26.  After spending what felt like days on a Lufthansa flight, I was happy to finally arrive in Doha.  Seems as though I’ve heard about this place for over a year now, and to finally have made the trip was wonderful.  It was sandy, the people were beautiful, it was humid, and the culture was totally different.  I loved it!! I just remember walking out of Customs with my paperwork and finding Mr. Big and it felt like I was where I belonged.  Just a reminder, besides FaceTime, I haven’t laid eyes on this man and it was great to know that soon I would be in his arms for the night.  The first few hours in town I didn’t get a chance to see much as we had an early morning flight to Amsterdam to catch.  So besides visiting the mall next door and grabbing food, we slept. Before drifting to sleep I just stood and took in the view from his 8th floor apartment and enjoyed the view of the sea from his living room window.  He is living the dream.

View of Downtown
View of Downtown

IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1913 IMG_1915

Next up, we traveled to Amsterdam to enjoy ourselves a little more.  We arrived in Amsterdam mid-afternoon to a wonder and gracious host, we booked a place from AirBnB, and the place was a train ride from town.  What a great experience.  There’s something about visiting a new place, and to also do that while lodging as a local, and not staying in your typical hotel made the trip awesome. How can I summarize Amsterdam in one word? Well, that’s hard, but Liberal would be the word.  What we soon discovered about Amsterdam is everyone rode bicycles, even the babies.  You’d see parents and kids riding bikes to school in the morning or a parent running errand on a bike.  Yes, they do drive cars, but for short trips to the market, they may choose to bike there instead.  We stayed in a area named IJburg, a place built on a artificial island.  Well, it was perfect and community had a market, clinic, restaurants, businesses, train access, etc… It felt like you could handle all of your needs within a 20 minute walk.

Our AirBnB rental and a view from IJburg.
Our AirBnB rental and a view from IJburg.

IMG_1643 IMG_1658 IMG_1661 IMG_1742 IMG_1769

Well, let’s just say that over the next several days we took in the sights of Amsterdam and enjoyed the culture in every way.  It felt like the best date in the world, I don’t think Mr. Big can top that one.  No seriously, I just can’t imagine something more exciting than our time in Amsterdam and Doha.

Each day we traveled into the city to Amsterdam Centraal to walk, eat, and visit.  We may have walked every block several times, but each time we traveled down there it felt like the first time all over again.  It’s a place that’s ever changing due to it being a busy tourist area.  The culture and visitors make Amsterdam Centraal what it is, in my opinion.

Taking in the sights of Amsterdam.
Taking in the sights of Amsterdam.

IMG_1628 IMG_1671 IMG_1674 IMG_1685 IMG_1802 IMG_1878 IMG_1837 IMG_1864 IMG_1868

The one thing I wish we would’ve done, rent bicycles, but that would’ve been a little much.  I say that because every time we visited a place, we would have to find a place to leave and lock our bikes, and that’s a bit much considering the condition we were in.  Oh well, maybe next time, right?     I have a ton of pictures, so many that I couldn’t decide which picture to include in my post.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I’ve presented.

All in all, our time together was great!! How could I not sit back and thank God for all of the wonderful things he’s brought into our lives.

Until next time peeps…


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