New Year, New You

A new year equals a new you, right?  Well, not always it’s hard to see how a new year holds so many promises when just four days ago, last year everything seemed so tense.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, lets dive into 2014.  With each passing year I begin to sort of regret a few of the things I’ve done the year before.  Regrets are hard to just move past, but when left with no other choice you just move on.  Last year I gave my relationship with my sister the middle finger and just decided to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

This year I would like to continue focusing more on me, hell, seems like I put everything else before taking care of me.  This year I will turn 30 years old and it has me wondering what the hell I am doing with my life.  So far, I don’t know.  I’ve done enough to keep things going, not enough to be great so far.  I would like to switch gears and move into financial consulting, to one day have a clientele that earns me a handsome salary.  I’ve had a few things happen at work recently that have me re-charting my course because I’m not excited about micromanaging managers.

While I had to cancel my Doha, Qatar trip a few weeks ago, I’m now heading over to Qatar in April for a week, then again in July.  I really thought I was losing when I had to cancel my flight, but now I see the opportunities I have coming in the next six months and I’m excited about it.

Have you ever felt that some friendships have run it’s course?  Is it that we out grow our friends or do we just no longer need them in that capacity?  I struggle with that a lot.  I feel like in this stretch of my life, I want to keep my friends, but I would like to add a few more to the bunch.  I enjoy my friends, I just want fresher perspectives.

I’ve began to give into the fact that I’m homesick.  It’s been hard for me to stay excited about living in Orlando, FL.  While I was studying for my Series 7/63 exam it left me no time to think about home.  Maybe this place could feel like home if I didn’t feel so lonely. I’m not so good at meeting new people and keeping in contact with them, so that hurts a little bit. I’m not sure that I want to go home, but I would like to try another city, maybe Chicago, IL.  I’m starting to just want to move any where I think could be fun just to say that I’ve done it, I know, it’s stupid.  I really don’t have a huge reason to head back home, besides my folks.  Stay tuned…

Don't let someone else define what successful means to you.
Don’t let someone else define what successful means to you.

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