Change of Plans

Alright, where should I begin? October 18th, Mr. Big ruptured his left achilles. Sounds like deja vu? No, really it is. Late January of 2012 Mr. Big ruptured his right achilles and quickly underwent surgery. So what does this mean? Initially, he intended to have surgery in Doha and also go through rehabilitation there too. Sounds good, but it gets worse, It’s now December and he has flown back to the USA for surgery. While in Doha, he saw the ER doctor and refused to be admitted that night as the staff had no idea of a surgery date. After calling all of the important people he knows to get an appointment to see a doctor, he gets admitted for surgery three weeks after rupture. Ok, so it gets worse again, while prepping/fasting for surgery and spending the night in the hospital, the next morning his doctor tells him they must reschedule the surgery because he is too busy. I believe this is where Mr. Big lost it and demanded to return home.

Now it is early December and we are just now sitting down with a doctor and getting MRI results. With Mr. Big back in the states I now need to cancel my year end plans to visit Doha. Ugh!!! I really had my heart set on going. I know he hated to come back due to how it would require me canceling my trip and him purchasing a last minute flight to the US. At first, I was pissed about everything and I could not understand why everything was happening. For Mr. Big to be stuck at home unable to meet clients and fully run his portion of the project is a real set back, at least it was last January. In addition to Mr. Big being unable to walk, how were we to have a good time traveling for my trip? Change of Plans.

I know a few things to be true, while my trip allowed me to visit Mr. Big for seventeen days, I will now spend a little over two months with him. Now that exciting news. For whatever reason my plans have changed again, most of 2013 has been about changes. If I could sum up 2013 in one word it would be ‘Change’, but, this may be for our benefit. I sometimes hear what Mr. Big’s not saying, if you know what I mean. I know he enjoys his time overseas, but there is no place like home. There is nothing better than being with family and all the American comforts we are accustomed to having. Examples, convenient stores that sell alcohol, wine, cigars, etc. or a neighborhood tavern.

I can’t wait to see how the last part of the year goes, either way, I’m happy. Having Mr. Big here makes everything perfect.


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