Caymans and Jamaica Up Next

I wanted to write this about two weeks ago, but as always I put things off. So here it goes.

Mr. Big came into town back in September. We had a wedding to attend in Jamaica and a visit to the Caymans. Reminder, I had not laid an eye on him besides Skype in eight months. I can remember like it was yesterday, the first hug was everything. I could have ate him up right at the airport. I was a little antsy about seeing him, beyond nervous. So many things were going through my mind, will we connect, have we changed, or outgrown each other. Once I realized nothing drastic changed between us, I felt good about that.

While being apart for the eight months so much and so little has changed at the same time. Not going into much detail about that, I was over the moon that we could catch up with each other, enjoy each other’s company, blow a few trees and have cocktails. It was like having your best friend and lover come back into town to enjoy you for two weeks.

We took a Carnival cruise to Jamaica, initially I didn’t care for a cruise, I would rather fly there and save time. While on the cruise it allowed us to enjoy each other, have fun, have insightful conversations over cigars and vodka. My sister was married that Monday and after the ceremony we took an excursion around Jamaica to discover the island. What a beautiful place, while the locals live a little different than we are accustomed to, none the less, it was beautiful. The water was crystal clear, the weather was extremely hot.
At first I only wanted to lay out on the beach and sun bake, but Mr. Big felt we would have a better experience if we took a small tour. I’m so happy we took the tour, it allowed us to see how the locals lived and how they earned a living.

Much of the cruise was weird, only the portion that pertained to my family. Whenever I got alone time with Mr. Big I was on cloud nine. This time apart made everything make sense to me. It’s crazy how you date someone for several years and it’s not until you are forced to live apart from them that you begin to see them in a different way, more like being re-introduced to a familiar face but with new experiences. I couldn’t understand the rhyme or reason why we are living apart, but I’ve grown so much in that time. The things you once took for granted are no longer the things you take for granted. It forces you to take advantage of every single moment, because it will be months until the next time we see each other.

The last days leading up to his departure to the Middle East were a little sad, it was nice having him back. I realized how much easier things are with him close. Seems like a good part of me was missing for some time. I hated to see him go, hell I wish I could go, its hard letting him go. I can’t wait until this experience is over, if this was a glimpse into our lives, then I love it.



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