I Passed!!!

A year ago I started a journey, well, I wasn’t aware of it. For whatever reason I was chosen. I started a job where I needed a Series 7 license in order to keep my job. So, here I am learning something new in order to keep my job and continue a career in a new industry, while everything else in my world also needed my attention.

Fast forward, In a year I’ve learned a lot. I was so accustomed to a routine that I couldn’t understand any deviation from it. Then it happened, I was out of a job and unsure of what to do next. Yesterday I sat for my exam for the fourth time, nervous, but confident that I would pass. This time felt different, I learned how to prioritize my life in order to be successful this time around. I also began to establish a relationship with God. I know, seems like everyone finds God while in a terrible situation. Well, they do. I still think back to failing the test by one question and thought “maybe it’s time for a change because there is no reason to come this close, but yet be so far.” So yes, there was a reason. If I would have stayed in my hometown, I would have missed the opportunity to grow. I’ve been so uncomfortable over the last five months that I’ve had no choice but to get over how I wanted my life to go and accept what “was” my life.

Part of my acceptance included me living without Mr. Bigg and that was tough. Honestly, it’s because of that situation that I couldn’t focus long enough on me to devote time to my studies. I’m not blaming him, I’m blaming myself for being too concerned about someone else more than myself. At the end of it all, I lost my job and he kept his and has been successful since that time. That actually became my motivation to focus on me. So in that I realized, yeah we love people, but we shouldn’t let our love for them blind us from our own life and growth.

Life moves on whether you want it to or not and being the victim doesn’t get you anywhere.


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