Eat, Pray, Love 2013 – 2014

I’ve already begun thinking about my 30th birthday. The funny part is I haven’t reached my 29th birthday yet. Oh well, I continuously find things to plan. The other day I was talking to Mr. Big and we started talking about what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. After much coaxing, he decided to plan the trip or in his terms….name a fantastic place and see if its doable. I like to plan, but my short coming is execution.

I began to research a place Mr. Big suggested, The Maldives, I would soon find out the place looks like paradise. I was instantly sold, now I needed to find out if we could seal the deal for next year. Let’s clear this up really quick. I love to travel. There is something euphoric about visiting new places for me. It’s sort of like a drug. I’m not satisfied until I get my next hit. Prior to Mr. Big moving internationally, I can honestly say I was comfortable with traveling within the USA. Now that I have my passport, there are tons of places to be discovered. Before I settle down and do the adult thing I would love to put a few stamps on my passport, dance at water’s edge close to midnight, enjoy a candlelight dinner at a fabulous resort, and anything else my heart desires.

Keeping my fingers crossed folks. I would love to lay out on the beach in paradise. Take a look for yourself.



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