Abu Dhabi Flow

Life happens. This weekend Mr. Big traveled to Abu Dhabi with his roommate, sounds fantastic. While he was flying to the UAE, I was heading back to Florida. Just thinking about it sounds crazy. This time last year we were tied at the hip. Now, we are separated by both water and land. Funny how things happen.

Late last year I proclaimed that 2013 would be my Eat, Pray, Love, but state side. If you’ve read any of my earlier post, you would know that I opted to stay in the USA while Mr. Big accepted a job in Qatar. Now, how was this apart of my Eat, Pray, Love adventure? It wasn’t. There are times when I look at his Instagram photos and just feel like I should have gone over, heck, instead of traveling the USA I could travel around Asia. Dang! These are moments when I feel like I chose wrong. Other days, I feel as though I made the best decision for me. It’s been four months since he left, in this time I have experienced so much. I realize that happiness is my motivation and sometimes we let others influence our decisions. Yet, these are our decisions. While our decision put us far away from each other, I’ve realized that distance makes you reassess everything. You begin to question everything and every conversation leading up to everything. As broad as that sounds, that’s how broad it was.

My Eat, Pray, Love adventure for 2013 will be exciting. Yes, it’s not spending every day in a new part of the country, but it’s my adventure. This year, I will travel more than ever before, I’m heading to South Beach, FL in July, Jamaica in September, home for the holiday, and Qatar in late December and January. I’ve gone through the Eat phase, I’ve gained some weight last year. I’ve entered the Pray phase of the journey. I Pray more than anything now a days. I pray for achievement, the spirit of completion, for God to align me where I need to be.

Until next time…..


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