As the World Turns

So much has happened over the last month and a half. In one months time I went from cloud nine to nothing. Back in February, I was studying and preparing to take my Series 7 exam, hell, I felt I had this one in the bag. I even scheduled a trip to Orlando, FL to celebrate. Boy was I wrong. I needed a passing score on the exam of 72%, that would have been 180 questions out of 250. I received 179/250 which means I had a 71.4%. FUCK!!! I didn’t meet my condition of employment. How can one question be the deciding factor? Well it was, and it hurts. I loved everything about my job, I felt as though I finally had a job that was the beginning of a career in the financial industry. So I couldn’t believe I didn’t pass the test. How could it be that I didn’t pass the test? Why? And by one question, really?
All of this got me to thinking. Why did I fail the test and by one question? What’s god trying to tell me? If feels as though there is a message that I’m missing. In what direction should I be moving? In a few months time I went from having Mr. Big leave for Qatar and failing my Series 7 exam to feeling as though I should have moved to Qatar with Mr. Big. Whew, what the hell. I fought so hard explaining why I wanted to stay at my job and have Mr. Big relocate for two years. I felt like I totally mad a huge mistake in one regard but then on the other hand I gave myself a shot. How would I have felt if I never tried? Probably horrible.
What’s my next plan of action? Sitting at work after my boss had the talk with me about whether I wand to be terminated or resign, my co-worker mentioned how much they enjoyed having me and how they would give me a good referral if I saw another job at the company I wanted. I started looking at other locations and found a job that would be suitable for me. It’s not the most exciting job but it would allow me to maintain a consistent resume, benefits, income, and the ability to take the test again. The plan is to take the necessary test needed for the position and reapply for the position again.
So I’ve relocated to Orlando, FL this month. It’s truly and adjustment, but a welcomed adjustment.


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