Rolex Bezel

It’s only been one month since he left and it sucks. The time difference makes it extremely hard to stay in contact with each other. Even the internet sucks at times. There are times when we try to Skype early in the morning and the signal is horrible. I knew that holding down a long distance relationship wouldn’t be the easist task, I just hoped that it would be easier than this. With him being nine hours ahead of me, we are barely able to skype. When I’m sleep, he is up and at work, and when I’m at work, he is sleep. Something has to give here. We may Skype twice a week and chat over Facebook everyday, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.

It’s hard knowing that I’ve made the decision to stay in the states and work on my career while he gets to enjoy his time abroad. I wonder if this is a case of the ‘grass is greener’ effect? So far he has mentioned taking trips to Dubai, Amsterdam, etc… seems like I could never get him on board for any trips without presenting a compelling argument. Yes, I’m a little jealous, but not really. Most of the pictures that I’ve came across from his Instagram look a little ‘lonely’ to me. Yes, you get the experience of living abroad but can you really have the time of your life if your only mingling with your co-workers that you admit you dislike?

So far this time apart has given us both a ton of time to ponder lifes biggest questions. Let’s just say that I don’t need to much time to sit around and think….

In less than thrity days time I’ve gone from feeling abandoned to wanting to take back my life. It’s strange how when you are in a relationship you tend to go along with what’s good for the both of you. When Mr. Big decided to move to Qatar, I was devastated. Now, I’m thinking of ways to get out there and enjoy myself. Hell, I have two years to party it up and enjoy myself to the fullest. Heck, I’m even considering moving out of state, I never would have taken this seriously if Mr. Big were still here. It’s weird how life throws you a curve ball and you miss the hit.

What are the ties that bind us? Will this time apart make us a better couple or give us the sight to finally enjoy ourselves like young people do? The weird thing is we’ve dated off and on since we were teenagers, more on than off as of late. Have we had enough experiences to really know that we’ve found love?


5 thoughts on “Rolex Bezel

  1. Long distance relationships are a test, with one of two possible outcomes. If your relationship is strong enough, it will fly all the way to Qatar and back. If it’s not then at least you realise this early enough, spare yourself a lot of pain and start fresh.

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