The Last Time

The journey has been long, sort of draining on me at times. The past four months have been a mixed bag. I’ve finally come to a good place with Mr. Big moving to Doha, Qatar. While I’m not completely excited about him moving away for the next two years, I at least need him to see that I’m happy for him. Sometimes it’s good to just support your spouse when you know he needs it the most.

After dating ten years, it’s really tough to think of putting him on a airplane tomorrow morning. Even though he tells me “He’s not leaving me,” it’s hard to not see it for what it is. I struggle with feelings of being abandoned. I’m not sure what situation would make me comfortable with him leaving.

On one hand, I want to stay and work on my career in the US. On the other hand, I want to say forget everything and join him in Qatar. Can I really live in a Muslim country with an unmarried man? No.

It’s hard to think of how you will spend your last moments with someone. There are always a ton of great thoughts and ideas until you have to spend your last Sunday night with someone. Granted, we will use Skype to keep in touch, it’s still not the same as holding each other.

Until we meet again………..



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