Making the move to Doha, Qatar

Imagine you and Mr. Big are taking steps towards moving in together and saving towards your future, then one day he informs you that he’s been offered a position in Doha, Qatar for two years.  How do you handle the news?

Well, Mr. Big has definitely shocked me with his new opportunity in Qatar.  I’ve had so many mixed emotions about the news.  Let’s just put this out there, it’s not a good idea to move to the Middle East as a single women living with a man, it’s hard to give up a job that I see turning into a career, moving internationally for two years, and possibly being away from the love of my life for two years.

Are there support groups for people like me?  Besides the obvious, I don’t want him to go, for all selfish reasons undoubtedly.  What happens to our relationship during these two years, how often will we see each other? When’s the proposal coming?

While Mr. Big kept me abreast of all the details of the job, the interview process, in addition to making me feel like I gave him the okay to take the job, it still feels like I’m being abandoned…  At this stage in our relationship I would like to continue moving forward and getting us on track with the goals we created as a couple. It appears the move to Qatar has thrown a monkey wrench in our plans.

In life we are faced with decisions every day, in life there are going to be changes, this I know.  I just don’t understand why I have to be faced with all of the tough issues all the time.  My biggest decision right now is to either make this work or not.  So much can change in two years, will one of us move on?  Will we grow apart? Or am I freaking out?

Right now, I plan on working through the distance.  It’s hard to not be a team player with someone you would give your right arm to save.

We have five months before he leaves, I wish he would reconsider the move and hang out here in the states.


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