My time in Florida

This past week has taught me a ton. Mr. Big and I spent six days in Florida on vacation. While in Florida we traveled to Orlando and stayed in Miami for most of the time. There is something about being on vacation that takes away all of your worries. Why does a vacation leave you feeling like this? This was not my first time visiting Florida; I’ve gone a few times before. This time felt different. Instead, we flew into Fort Lauderdale then traveled to Miami and later took a great road trip to Orlando for a day.

While on our road trip to Orlando I realized that there are a ton of toll roads in Florida. This is an exaggeration but it really felt as if we passed through a toll about every fifteen minutes. While paying $5-$10 gets a little old after a while, it was okay because the road trip allowed us to talk and take in the beautiful scenery.

After taking a road trip through Florida, I would love to take a road trip along the coast of Southern California and just soak in the view.

The seafood and sushi in South Beach was incredible. There’s a place called Shoji Sushi that has the best Skirt Steak dinner and Shoji Special and Dynamite rolls. After tasting some of the best sushi I’ve had in my life, it’s hard coming back an enjoying some of my hometown favorite sushi restaurants.

What I learned while on vacation:

  1. There is no better way to spend your money than how you want to spend it. While now is a great time to save, it felt amazing going on vacation and just relaxing as a way to celebrate 2012.
  2. You just have to stay up late an party hard when you’re out of town. While in Orlando we went to one party and later went to The Fifth where you could lounge, hit the club side, or eat. We stayed until well after 2 a.m. and really enjoyed ourselves.
  3. Always tour the tourist area
  4. Sometimes having no planned activities helps
  5. Don’t lose your keys (like I did)
  6. Life should always be fun
  7. While tomorrow is not promised be mindful of what you do today
  8. Count your blessings



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