How rude

Has someone ever said something to you that just sets you on fire?  Has this person ever been a family member?  While I may be a little sensitive at times, who really wants to have their feelings hurt by someone you love? No one.  What is it about some people that make them special enough to really get under your skin?  For me, not everyone can upset me like a few people can.  Bottom line you have to somewhat respect that person’s opinion in order for their words to really upset you.

As a child I remember being sort of poked at from my family and as an adult having to endure the same treatment doesn’t set well with me.  In no way shape or form is it ever okay to poke fun at people.  My family has the strangest way of getting under my skin.  It’s the slickest way of doing things, sort of indirectly making rude comments about someone or something and trying to pass it off as a joke.

How do you correct this behavior? Would it be better to just stop paying attention to the comments or really confront this person about how you feel?  How do you do this when you know the person is going to take what you are saying the wrong way?


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