Can I Get a Word In……Please?

Do you know someone who loves to hear them self talk?  I think we all do. The sad thing is that if you told them the truth they would accuse you of being wrong.  You find yourself in conversations with this person and soon realize they don’t want to hear your input they are perfectly fine with starting, finding support, and coming to conclusions on their own.

The toughest part of listening to someone who loves to hear them self talk would be they often ask for feedback only to tell you what you are thinking is totally wrong. Again I ask, why even want to have a discussion with someone who never really understands your perspective?

Are there ever ways to get out of this type of conversation without hearing the long spill?  It would be nice to press the pause button followed by the fast forward button. Just kidding. I find myself going through this often.  Most days dealing with this personality is easy, other days it’s like pulling teeth not to just say SHUT UP ALREADY!!

Through my lens, I’ve discovered:

  • Some people can talk forever
  • I enjoy peace and quiet
  • I value a great conversation, but one that I can contribute to
  • All of the above is right

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