The Essence of Being Human

Earlier this week I had the opportunity of hearing how someone determined my worth, sounds odd, right?  It sort of surprised me to hear some of the comments about the material things I’ve accumulated over the past years have shaped how someone valued me as a person.  This led me to wonder how one determines their worth.

Now, I will not go as far as putting my age out there but I’ve yet to turn 30 years old.  That being said, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this but, I’ve never placed my worth or value on my material possessions.  If measuring your worth or value to your friends and family were based on your material possessions or annual salary, a lot of people would be at zero.  I say this jokingly. As a young woman, I want people to notice me because of my contributions to the world, my circle of friends and family, and my good heart.  Don’t you? I bet so.  Needless to say, this person and I don’t see eye-to-eye on what makes someone important.

By getting caught up in the material things you fail to see that you need to be confident without those things.  As sure as material things come, they go, and after the dust has cleared you need to be able to stand proud regardless of how things may look.

Through my lens, my discovery includes:

  • Understand we all see things differently. Duh!
  • That some people fail to value themselves outside of their accumulated possessions such as clothes, cars, etc.
  • You can’t take offense when someone just doesn’t get you.  They probably never will.
  • Either people get you or they don’t
  • You have to know your own value at all times
  • Know when it’s time to let go
  • Some people don’t have a clue on life at times



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