Missed Appointment

Let’s just say that I missed my appointment this past Saturday.  When it comes to showing up on time, consider me late.  I’ve decided to push my search for a home back a month.  I really want to start canvassing several neighborhood’s to find a great place to live. At this point I would like to find a neighborhood that’s safe, quiet, close to a shopping district, a gym, and a good sushi restaurant.  Sound like a dream world? Maybe so.

I’ve lived in the “burbs” for so long that I’ve had enough.  There are so many aspects to living outside of the city limits that I love, but, the drive to work is horrendous.  I have been out of college going on five years now and have always had a forty five minute commute to work. Given the amount of time I spend traveling to work on good days, the horrible winter days made the drive an hour and a half.  I’m now looking for a twenty minute commute to work, in order for this to work I will need to find a place that’s also not too far East, West, North, or South.

While my search has been halted momentarily I intend on making my next appointment.


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