The Moment

There’s 102 days before I move.  This may not be a big deal to anyone else but this is huge.  Not long ago my Mr. Big finally came to the realization that we should move in together.  Great! Not only am I on board with moving together I’m eager to start looking, I’m thinking loft downtown or a home in the suburbs.

Some of the biggest days in a relationship involve the first date, first anniversary, proposal, and moving in together just to name a few.

A couple months ago I began to get a little nervous about giving up “my personal space.”  Like most people you dream of the day you move in with your partner, but no one thinks of the small things you give up in order to live as a couple.  I’ve spent several years creating a comfortable and stylish environment in my apartment.  I’ve also got use to having my alone time.

The scariest part of moving would be getting rid of my alone time, I know this may sound selfish but I never told you otherwise. There is no greater feeling than to come home to an empty home where there is peace and quiet after a tough day at work.  I love the laziness of living by myself.  If I feel this way, I wonder how Mr. Big feels?

Tomorrow I’ve set up a walk through of a prospective town home several miles outside of the city.  I’m not sure what to expect on my visit, I hope the place is up to snuff -if not then on to the next one.


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